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It is possible to reach the Cave in two different ways: by land or by sea.

By land

In just 30 minutes (about 24 km) by car from the center of Alghero, heading towards Fertilia,
passing through the panoramic state road SS127bis and then taking
the Provincial Road 55 you will reach the most extreme point of the Capo Caccia promontory where the entrance is located. at the Escala del Cabirol.
If you have booked your visit:it is necessary to arrive at the square in front of the overland entrance to Neptune's Cave at Capo Caccia no later than 40 minutes before the start of the tour in order to accommodate the time necessary to descend the steps and for check-in.
Should you fail to arrive at the requested time your booking will be cancelled.

You can reach the cave by car or bus: from the city to the enchanting bay of Porto Conte to the extreme tip of the promontory, immersed in the lush vegetation of the Mediterranean scrub. From the Capo Caccia car park, visitors follow the path on the western side of the Cape, taking the Escala del Cabirol or Roe Deer Stairway.

654 steps reveal the wonderful scenery overlooking the sea and up to the heart of the earth, where the blue sea of Alghero and the sky unite in an embrace on the horizon. This really is an amazing place you should have at the top of your wishes to see when you are visiting Alghero and Sardinia.


Public Bus Service – all year round: ARST

To reach the Grotto by public transport it is possible to take a daily EXTRA-URBAN bus that leaves from the main terminal in via Catalogna in Alghero

The journey takes about 50 minutes and is managed by the ARST company.

Consult the website ARST

Private Bus Service Cattogno Viaggi:


By sea

The easiest way to visit Neptune’s Cave by sea is to take one of the boat trips that leave from the Alghero’s harbour on a regular basis or from the pier of of Cala Dragunara in Porto Conte Park. This is by far the best method of visiting for anyone with children or elderly people.

The journey by boat takes about 40 minutes. Visitors can admire the scenery of the Coral Riviera www.museialghero.itas the boat passes close to the Cape Galera and Punta Giglio cliffs and then rounds the tip of Capo Caccia to arrive right at the entrance to the caves which lie at the foot of a towering cliff – an impressive sight set against the backdrop of the small island of Foradada.

Not only do you avoid the steps down the cliffs, but the journey is thoroughly enjoyable and affords you excellent views of the cliffs as you approach.

 Linea Grotte Navisarda   

Harbour of Alghero- Banchina Dogana

 This service is active!

Phone +39 079 950603 | +39 320 7412400

Frecce delle Grotte

Harbour of Alghero- Banchina Dogana

This service is active!

Phone +39.368.353.6824  | +39.331.722.9999

The boat ticket does not include the entrance fee to Neptune’s Cave.

NOTE that in adverse sea conditions, visits to the cave are suspended.

It is advisable to check the operation of the service before arriving (both from the staircase and from the port) by calling +39 345 7418361 or the tourist information office at +39 079/979054 (key sequence 1-1-1) or by following the aupdates available on the official Facebook and Instagram pages of the Cave 

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